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    Desert Camp In Jaisalmer

    Rajasthan’s golden desert is “The Great Indian Desert” in India. In Rajasthan, the Carvaan resort offers the ultimate best desert camp in Jaisalmer. Our camp in sam Jaisalmer attracts both Indian and foreign visitors. With our experience, we are here to provide accommodation and hospitality to all our guests.

    Best Desert camp in Jaisalmer-

    We supply fixed-quality tents in a gated, secured site. The net panels protect windows from the weather and let in plenty of fresh air. Two single beds with mattresses and linen are include in the roomy tents, which also have electric lights.

    Enjoy every activity at Caravan Resort while staying in one of our Luxury Tents, Deluxe Tents, or Superior Family Tents. 25 deluxe tents and 12 family tents with king-size beds are available at Luxury Camp. All of our products, towels, and bath mats are of the highest quality. Each tent features a simple bathroom designed traditionally, complete with a contemporary toilet (WC), shower panel, and personal geysers for hot water. The camp combines modern warmth, comfort, and amenities with traditional Indian Rajasthani hospitality and specialized attention. Hence, it provides guests comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

    Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer

    Best desert safari camp in Jaisalmer

    Desert safari camp means a camp that gives all facilities and safaris in Jaisalmer. safari like camel safari, jeep safari, quad bike ride, parasailing, night safari, candlelight dinner, and dessert event. here you get all information about a safari:

    1. Stay in luxurious places-

            “Come as guests stay as members of the family” .We heartily welcome you to our resort And stay in our luxurious tent.

    2. Experiences on the Dunes –

    ” One-time experience becomes a never forgettable memory in life”. Take a break from the hectic pursuits of life and spend a refreshingly blissful holiday in the golden desert of Rajasthan. In the desert experience, you can enjoy safaris like-

    • Camel ride on dunes
    • Jeep ride on sand dunes
    • Night Safari
    • dream adventure is to go parasailing in the sky
    • Desert event in Jaisalmer
    • A quad bike ride on sam sand dunes 
    • Enjoy an entertainment program in the evening time.
    • Enjoy DJ/group dance 

    3. Enjoy night dinner on dunes-

    Our resort facilitates a dining area. And our package includes dinner and breakfast. You can enjoy a meal with your group and family. Also, you can enjoy a meal with your partner(couple candlelight dinner).

    We serve food with love and in accordance with tradition. Our dinner is very delicious. Refresh your mind and the tiredness of the day by having a good meal under the stars of the sky. We promise you the evening would be full of laughter and delicious food.

    All information about our resort is available here. And our resort in Jaisalmer is the best desert camp in Jaisalmer. So, book a camp at the Carvaan resort as early as possible. Enjoy the most exciting, enjoyable vacation in the Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer.