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    The Carvaan Desert Camp Resort

    An unequalled stay experience awaits you at one of the stylish resorts in Jaisalmer. It’s a land of old-world imagery, liberty and serenity, and breathtaking lookouts. A lodging to unguessed mystifications, a gateway to ancient and extraordinary powers, and a transition to unique, explaining confines. This is a position where you must live to awaken from your slumber.

    Experience pure bliss in the golden desert amidst the cool desert air at our exquisite luxury desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

    Superior Family Tent : 12

    Deluxe Tent : 25

    Luxury room

    Our Luxury Canopies are made with earthen king size beds with Jaisalmer golden gravestone cladding. 

    Delux Tent

    Deluxe Tents are commodious and the rooms are comfortable and reflect the rich heritage of Jaisalmer. 

    Luxury Swiss Tent

    The Carvaan Resort in Jaisalmer is exclusive and luxurious. The Caravan Resort is a stylish desert campground in Jaisalmer.


    Music & Camp


    Room with Daily

    Kids’ Club

    Decorated rooms
    with Toys

    Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning


    Deluxe Tents: For those who wish to feel connected to nature with all the luxurious comfort, Our luxury tents are an excellent accommodation choice.

    Superior Family tents: Experience the ideal combination of lavishness and heritage-rich culture with your family in these Superior family tents in Jaisalmer.

    About Our Resort

    Dining facilities In Carvaan Resort

    There’s a separate, fallacious dining hallway with a well-grounded sitting capacity of guests, prepared with a modernistic kitchen and common washrooms. After enjoying the folk dances, true North Indian and Rajasthani cuisines are served with the warmth and particular attention of traditional Indian Rajasthani hospitality.

    You also experience traditional safaris and modern activities in the desert when you come to Rajasthan. And of course, you can enjoy everything from folk music to traditional food. And make your vacation adventurous and unforgettable memories with the Carvaan Resort.

    About Our Room

    Room facilities In Carvaan Resort

    Give your next adventure the touch of luxurious retreat you deserve with our best accommodation in town. At Carvaan, we provide: After enjoying the folk dances, true North Indian and Rajasthani cuisines are served with the warmth and particular attention of traditional Indian Rajasthani hospitality. And Explore the sights near the desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer.

    Enjoy Timeless Memories

    In Carvaan Resort

    The Carvaan Resort is an excellent choice and a great place to discover the cultural majesty with a royal touch. In its delightfully designed interiors and external locations, The Carvaan Resort captures the essence of luxurious life and welcomes guests from across the world to enter a heaven of leisure, wellness, and hospitality excellence.  Also, in the Desert Camp in sam Jaisalmer, you will get all kinds of facilities and safaris fun.


    Explore the Desert

    Desert Camp In Sam Jaisalmer

    We all know that Rajasthan is a land of royalty. And one of them is the majestic royal city of Jaisalmer, which is quite famous for its royal style and hospitality. Our camp is currently located in the Sam sand dune desert, 40 kilometres west of the royal city of Jaisalmer. We are glad to provide you with the best of the resort’s amenities with our professional staff. The Carvaan resort has the Best luxury desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer.
    When you look at the golden desert, this desert relaxes your eyes. It gives your body and heart a rest when you stay in a desert camp.

    For Booking Call Us @ : +91 95 7121 1567

    Jeep Safari in jaisalmer

    Jeep Safari.


    All our jeep safari tour starts from our camp (Rajputana Desert Camp) at Sam sand dunes, plus later you will enjoy a musical dance program at our camp with buffet dinner.

    Night Safari

    The Night Safari is open daily from 7.15 pm. Admission is based on one of four time slots, 7.15 pm, 8.15 pm, 9.15 pm and 10.15 pm. You will need to select a time slot.


    Jaisalmer Parasailing lets you experience the chills of flying high, and presents a panoramic bird’s eye view of the magnificent dry sand and the boundless desert.

    Our Testimonials

    Staying at a desert camp in Jaisalmer is a unique experience -- Beyond The Horizon, The Best Services You've Probably Never Heard Of..

    Are you wearied with your monotonous life and want to take a break from your busy schedule? How about a comfortable staycation truly near to nature? Embrace nature by visiting The Carvaan Resort In Jaisalmer. The Carvaan Resort is located in the graphic area of Jaisalmer, a perfect flight from the crowded municipality life. 

    About Our Resort

    Latest News and Blogs

    The Carvaan Resort Jaisalmer, one of the stylish luxury resorts in Rajasthan, is the place to go if you want an escape from the fast majesty of life. A luxury option near sam sand heaps, this area satisfies the peacefulness in all of us. This is a position where spirits may be bright and wilted life rejuvenates. Come, let us engage you in a time of pleasure and peace by taking you back to when it was new. This Hotel is managed by Revgrow360-Best Revenue and Ota Management Company for Hotels,Resorts, Homestays ,Hostel and B&B.