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    Desert Event in Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer hosts the “Maru Mahotsav” and “The Jaisalmer Desert event”. If you want to come to Jaisalmer and are planning to visit Jaisalmer. So Desert event is another cultural program where you can enjoy the desert event in Jaisalmer. Also, you can go camping in the desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer. Enjoy stargazing and bonfire with friends and families on the sam sand dunes at night. Stay at Caravan Resort and enjoy luxurious rooms and hospitality too.

     The tourism department of Rajasthan organizes the Rajasthan Sand Dunes Desert Festival mainly to attract tourists from all over the world and to promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan. The festival is a true spectacle that brings millions of visitors to Jaisalmer, the city of the “Golden Fort”. This event also draws tourists from other countries who are interested in experiencing the state’s diverse cultural heritage. These foreign guests enjoy learning about Indian culture, especially Rajasthani culture, through a variety of staged performances and contests, which are significant festival features. Over these three days, tourists can capture their memories of these performances, which showcase the wonderful culture of Rajasthan.

    Desert event in Jaisalmer

    Here, you can explore the peculiarity of the desert event in Jaisalmer and the fun things you can do. You attract by the varied and colorful programs in the desert event in Jaisalmer. However, the place is much more than just dance, music, and the desert scene. The events of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, apart from competitions, include,


     You can see the nomads performing risky acrobatics. Local artists lift pots held above their heads while balancing on a rope as part of their spine-tingling performance of the trick. Acrobatics is also performed on camels.

    Kalbelia Dance

     Kalbelia dance is one of the most traditional dance forms of Rajasthan and is a must-see. When the dancers move fast, their colourful clothing helps to highlight their performance. It will be an amazing experience to see this dancing form in action.

    Panihari Matka Race

    As the name implies, matkas, or earthen pots filled with water, can use in this run. You have to run without spilling water to the finish line while carrying a pitcher full of water. The participants in this competition can be both locals and tourists.

    Snake Charmer

    Additionally, the snakes put on an exciting performance. The snake charmer attracts the snakes, who are then hypnotised into dancing. Both Rajasthani and Indian cultures incorporate it in one form or the other.

    Polo match

    At the Jaisalmer Winter Festival, you can watch a polo match riding a camel instead of the usual horses in the game. The members of the Border Security Force BSF consist of two squads. For the guests, it will surely be one of the most unique experiences.

    Depending on the region, desert safaris and other festivals can keep the schedule simple. With the help of a professional guide, people can go on a desert safari and explore the desert. And do shopping like purchase the entic objects, handicrafts, clothes , jewellery , bags, pairs of mojhdi and many more items which you liked.