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    Luxury Tents

    Our Luxury Canopies are made with earthen king size beds with Jaisalmer golden gravestone cladding. The innards of the roof is routed to the natural form. As the bottom is earthen with Lepa work.
    The canopies have a well-constructed lavish rest room with hot and cold shower installation.  


    Deluxe Tents

    Deluxe Tents are commodious and the rooms are comfortable and reflect the rich heritage of Jaisalmer. The tents are made up as per modernistic Resorts Industry norms, come with an attached Rest Camps, Kingsize double-Bed/ Twin bed along with lounge/chair persons and Television with multi-channels and all other modernistic amenities of 3-star order of resort.  

    Sam Sand Dunes Tent Booking


    Superior Family Tents

    The Carvaan Resort in Jaisalmer is exclusive and luxurious. The Caravan Resort is a stylish desert campground in Jaisalmer. Our camp gives back to the neighborhoods around us. Jaisalmer is an attractive destination, truly different from any other location in India. The Carvaan Resort In Jaisalmer is a royal regionin the Maharaja land of India in Rajasthan. The Caravan Resort in Jaisalmer is an important-hallowed activity in the Thar Desert.  

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