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    Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer

    Desert camp in Jaisalmer

    Camping in the desert is one of the numerous Jaisalmer tourist attractions. Due to its peaceful atmosphere and location in the golden desert, this location is the main tourist attraction. This is the reason why tourists like to come here. It’s one camping experience you can never forget, making it a memorable one to share with your family and friends. It is our suggestion that the investment will be worthwhile! As the best desert safari camp in Jaisalmer, we welcome you to the luxury resort, Caravan Resort. Caravan Resort Sam Sand Dunes is a famous resort in Jaisalmer. Our resort is near Sam Sand Dune Police Line.

    Modern conveniences combine with traditional interior design at our resort. This colourful place has much more to offer than deserts With our incredible Sam’s Sand Safari, you can have everything you need to immerse yourself in the best of the Thar Desert experience. During our exciting Desert Safari, our guests are welcome to enjoy our opulent accommodations in the desert area with a dash of modern luxury. We offer them a variety of traditional food and cuisine alternatives.

    With our accommodations, there are 25 luxury rooms, 12 deluxe rooms, and a superior family room for guests. If you come to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, then here you get to see all the colourful traditions, and cultural programs and enjoy the traditional food Dal Bati Churma.

    As the best desert camp in Jaisalmer, our resort’s common facilities are below –

    • You get a warm greeting, a performance, and a welcome beverage.
    • Once you reserve a spot, we’ll give you the best camping and accommodation options.
    • We provide the best safaris in Jaisalmer in the evening.
    • Tea and a vegetarian breakfast
    • Dinner: traditional food and other cuisines.
    • A cultural event for your enjoyment at night.
    • Basic facilities, such as (room services, 2 water bottles, extra bed if required).
    Desert safari camp in Jaisalmer

    Desert safari camp in Jaisalmer-

    The best adventure is enjoying multiple safaris in Rajasthan’s beautiful and mysterious landscape. After Corona time, the Winter season is a good time to visit a new place in Rajasthan and explore the Golden City. here are some activities you can enjoy in the sam desert in Jaisalmer.

    Activities are-

    Camel safari –

    In the desert, camel safaris are very enjoyable rides for any age group. This childhood camel safari will always live in the memories of the children. Enjoy a traditional camel safari in sam Jaisalmer and make great memorable memories of golden sand dunes.

    Jeep safari-

    Jeep safaris are one of the adventure rides in the Sam Desert. While taking a jeep safari ride, you will be able to enjoy the views of the colourful sand dunes of the Sam desert in Jaisalmer. Carvaan resort provides thar jeep, 4*4 jeep and many more jeeps for rides.

    Parasailing –

    You know, parasailing is another activity you can do in Rajasthan, and overcome your fear of sky diving by parasailing. Parasailing is a thrill ride, not scary at all. Enjoy a sky diving ride in sam sand dunes desert in golden city.

    Quad bike ride-

    if you want to take part in an exciting activity in the Sam Sand Dunes Desert. Pick a ride on a quad bike ride in Jaisalmer. When travelling in Jaisalmer, young people like this journey in the desert. Also, you can enjoy other activities like desert event, night safari, and dinner on dunes in Jaisalmer.

    As the best desert safari camp Jaisalmer , The Carvaan Resort is set in the desert.