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    Night Safari In Jaisalmer

    “A striking reminder of the infinity of the universe’s wonders and secrets can be seen in the endless night sky that rises above the desert.”

    Jaisalmer is the only golden desert in India that offers a place to stay overnight in the desert and go on a night safari. An adventurous safari that can excite you while you’re on vacation in Rajasthan is the night safari in Jaisalmer. Enjoy a night at Caravan Camp and experience desert life. It will be a remarkable experience that will take you back to your childhood dreams and childhood memories when the stars are visible at night.

    With one of our night desert safari tours, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, take in the beauty of the sand dunes desert. Since the deserts start to chill at night to welcome the moonlight, this is the ideal time to explore them. We’ll take you to the spectacular desert of Jaisalmer and show you the best of desert life in a way no one else can.

    night safari in jaisalmer

    For a safari tour, you can choose a camel safari or jeep safari at night. We can arrange a jeep and camel for your night safari. The most beautiful element of this group activity is the self-cooking program over the open fire where everyone participates and contributes their ideas to make the meal simple yet delicious.

    Night safari activities in Jaisalmer-

    An excellent experience is cooking food in the most amazing setting, the dunes. Enjoy the delectable meal while singing and chatting with other campers. Spend the chilly evening with your fellow travelers around a bonfire. Enjoy yourself while singing and dancing to lovely tunes.

    Overnight safari in Jaisalmer–

    Overnight Safari means doing all the activities in the desert. Stayed one night in an open desert, without any facilities like toilets, beds, or camp. And experience sleeping in the sand with cool waves and stars in the sky. Our camps also provide private night safaris for tourists. For the couple’s enjoyment, we arrange a candle light dinner in Jaisalmer.

    Enjoy a night safari in Jaisalmer & Book your adventure night safari with the Carvaan resort.