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    Best Camp In Jaisalmer

    The Caravan Resort at Sam Sand Desert in Jaisalmer offers you the best facilities and accommodation. Our resort provides very clean rooms and tents with a nice ambiance. In our camps, we will provide you with a very nice spacious space that you can use as you like. We have a large king-size bed, wardrobe, washrooms, and both indoor and outdoor seating for tourists. That’s why our camp is the best camp in Jaisalmer.

    The Carvaan Resort is famous for its amenities. Since our camp is in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, you will be welcome here in a Rajasthani gesture. In the language, You will hear the Marwari language.

    In the Rajasthani way, we welcome you to our resort   

    “ Khamma Ghani Sa”

    Khamma Gani means giving respect to the other person with folded hands and welcoming the guests in our palace. We warmly welcome you to our resort and offer a welcome drink.

    Our resort is well stocked with all the essentials. Due to this, we can give all the facilities to the guests. Our camp Provides Free Wi-Fi, Free Car Parking, 24/7 Security, and Free Pickup Drop Services. Also, we offer tea and snacks after arrival from the safari.

    Best Camp In Jaisalmer

    The evening program for entertainment in the Best Camp in Jaisalmer

     1. The artists give performances,

     2. fire dance,

     3. folk music,

     4. group dance,

    5. DJ /group dance,

    6. Night safari (camel, jeep),

    7. Outdoor games(volleyball,badminton)

    In our resort,we give luxury tents, delux tents , superior family tents With 24 hours running water and light.To escape the heat of the desert, we use white tents. Even in such heat, this camp gives you a calm atmosphere like home. 

    These are all facilities provided by the Carvaan resort in the sam sand dunes desert in Jaisalmer. Our resort has the best desert safari camp in Jaisalmer. Carvaan provides all thrilling, adventurous safari in the desert. These famous historical places are close to our resort. Such as Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon Ki Haveli, Kuldhara Abandoned Village, Sam Sand Dunes, Desert National Park, and Khaba Fort.