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    Luxury Desert Camp Tent In Jaisalmer

    If you travel in Rajasthan, we would recommend you to stay in a desert camping tent in Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer. Because this part of the journey gives you the most memorable moment of your life. Luxury desert tents are available at Caravan Resort in Jaisalmer. You can go camping at our resort on the best budget. A Luxury Desert Camp Tent in Jaisalmer, a variety of campsites are available in the midst of Sam Sand Dunes Desert. Luxury rooms with AC are also available in Super Deluxe Tent and Deluxe Tent in Luxury Desert Camp Tent.

    Types of Luxury desert camp tent in Jaisalmer are:–

    Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer–

    Luxurious tents are set up in accordance with years of tradition. And all the finest items have been use to embellish the tent. There is both hot and cold water in the shower, and we can enjoy a luxurious bathroom there, with access to the ultimate luxury items.

    Deluxe Tents in Jaisalmer

    Deluxe rooms are very comfortable rooms. The tents are design in keeping with modernistic professional standards for resorts and have attached rest camps, king-size double beds or twin beds, lounge chairs, television with various channels, and all the modern luxuries available in 3-star resorts. 

    5 Star Tents in Jaisalmer–

    In Jaisalmer, the Sam sand dunes are the main attraction of the desert, similarly the caravan resorts at the campsites are the main attraction for the tourists. The Carvaan Resort In Jaisalmer is a royal region in the Maharaja land of India in Rajasthan. Super Deluxe Rooms offer every facility to suit your comfort level.

    The Carvaan resort gives you all these accommodations in a luxury desert camp tent in Jaisalmer. With our best camp in Jaisalmer, you can spend a beautiful evening in the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. If you wish to stay in a desert camp in Jaisalmer, book the tent in the Carvaan resort in Jaisalmer.